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My name is Kern Ramsdell, and I am the guy behind the Home Recording Weekly website, YouTube channel, and the Home Recording Weekly Podcast.

I live for music. More to the point, I write, produce, record, mix, and master music in my home studio, both for my own projects, and as a professional for other peoples music. I am also working hard at becoming the best live sound engineer that I can be, gigging with as many local bands as I possibly can. Wherever the music is happening, that is where I want to be.

I started my journey as a guitar player in a local cover band. At one point, we did a little studio recording. The idea was to record us playing our best covers, and then make a tape from that. This was done in order to book more gigs. I found that loved the whole studio experience. The more I learned about that studio, the workflow, the gear, the way it all went down, the more I wanted to know.

Then I got hurt. After a third and final injury to my back, I was forced to give up the gigging days. At first it made me bitter, and weighed on me heavily, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

One day it just hit me. I figured I could take advantage of all of the the “down time” I had on my hands and learn more about studios and music production. This transformation didn’t happen overnight, and truth be told, this “making lemon aide out of lemons” probably saved my life. At that time in my life I was in a very dark place. Music was probably the only force in the universe powerful enough to break the grip that chronic pain and major depression had on me back then.

I ended up purchasing a simple four track tape recorder, a cheap dynamic microphone, a couple of other odds and ends, and then I got to work. I taught myself how to produce the music that I could hear in my head. At first my music sounded like, well, terrible demos. I later learned it was because that was exactly what they were. Even though those first songs took massive amounts of time for me to record, they still sounded like crap. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved those songs, and I was proud of the hard work that I had put in, but I knew what I had was no better than rough demo quality.

The next portion of my life was dedicated to learning how to sculpt my projects into better sounding music. Never mind what you hear online, when it comes to getting better sounding music, there is no secret being kept from the public. There are, however, a lot of practices and techniques that all add up to the music production process as a whole. Each step of the process has rules and demands your full attention to detail. I guess that you could say that I went on a “quest for learning how to record great sounding music in my home studio”. I looked to the pros for help…

Over the years I have successfully taught myself how to layer up tracks and instruments into productions that sound large and keep the listener engaged. I have learned how to “get it right at the source” and how to know if something is not right in the first place.  I have learned that mixing is not a lot of heavy lifting and sound sculpting, but instead it is the application of many techniques like gentle movements of EQ and proper use of Compression. I have learned about the last step of the process, “Mastering”, and how to master the mixes I was working into stereo singles and albums. I have watched countless hours of the most popular training videos, from the biggest names in the training world, and I decided that I would help others by posting the most thorough reviews that I possibly could. I learned so much from the pros, the guys making great sounding music that make these training videos, and so can you. Years ago I found myself not knowing where to start or who to trust.  If that sound like where you are at, then I can help you. You probably just need to learn which training videos are the best fit for you. That is where I come in to the picture.

I have learned that each step of the process is an art form, and each step of the process can take a lifetime to master. Yep, no question about it. But that does not mean that you and I cant get amazing sounding music out of out humble home recording studios. As a matter of fact, if I can do it, anyone can do it!

Let me wrap up my “About me page” by letting you know who is important to me. You are!

I work very hard at sharing what I learn with my followers. I try to pump up my podcast listeners and instill a sense of confidence in the people that listen to the podcast and the YouTube videos. I try hard to review the audio gear, virtual plugins, and audio training videos that you are about to spend your hard earned money on, and let you know everything there is about that product before you buy it.

I run a song writing contest each summer, awarding three home studio owners with tons of gear, plugins, and training. I answer each question, email and/or comment that comes in. I give away video training as a way of saying thank you for singing up for my email newsletter. I supply video training products that support, or that go along with many of the products that I have reviewed. From the Home Studio eBundle (with titles like “Layering like the pros”, “Perfect Virtual Instrument bass and guitars” and “MIDI Perfection”) to “A guide to Mix Coach Pro” and “Podcast Polish”, they are all aimed at helping you make sweeter music!

There is perhaps a lot to learn about music production, sure, but you don’t have to learn it alone. Drop your email in the box, up there in the right hand corner of this page, and begin enjoying the free content today. Here is to getting better sounding music!

Plus, if you like, you can reach out to me (via email) at

Thanks for spending some of your time right here, on Home Recording Weekly!



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