Rethink Mixing (review) from Graham Cochrane


Graham Cochrane is the man behind “The Recording Revolution” website. His aim is simple, and that is to help all of us obtain better sounding recordings.

Today, I am blessed to share my thoughts on one of Grahams video training products, “REthink Mixing” . This is one amazing video series!

Like I said, this is a massively big series, with over 5 hours of video to learn from. Let me just add, right from the start, that I have learned a lot from the “REthink Mixing“video, and that means something because I have seen more than a few of these mixing type videos!

Graham brings it to the table, and then gives it away to the viewer! Graham realizes that money can be an issue, and so he makes sure to not hold anything back. You get everything he knows about mixing, from start to finish, and it is done exactly as he does it step by step!

I can’t help but say it right now, that you will get your money’s worth, and in only the very first video. After watching “REthink Mixing” I can’t help but to feel more than satisfied. Perhaps another great selling point is that I have this video to watch again and again, as I need to. That way I am sure to continually stay on top of my game!

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Graham starts “REthink Mixing” with an edited song and takes us through his mixing procedures, just as if we were sitting down at the console with him. He shares insight on each step of the process, and he makes sure to give example after example. Graham also finds a way to keep the content fun and exciting, video after video, and that means a lot to me as well. Not only do you get to learn how to mix a song from start to finish, but the lessons are entertaining and the pace is perfect too! Did I fail to mention that Graham uses only stock plugins to sculpt the tones?

REthink Mixing” ships as 8 videos in all. Let me break down what each of the videos consist of, and then I will tell you how much I actually learned and how much I enjoyed watching “REthink Mixing“”.

The first video is titled “Mix Setup”.

When do you know when the editing phase is done and the mixing can begin? I know that I have blurred the two together in a sort of “mix as you go” type of mess. I will not mix as I go anymore. Graham shows us how to set up a mix, and how to prepare it for mixing. Together, Graham and the viewer (you), work through the steps like gain staging, bus compression, and one trick that changed my life. What was it? Let’s just say “Who knew that I could learn something about panning that would blow the back of my head off?”

Video one, alone, is worth the cost of the entire “REthink Mixing” series. I do not want to give away all of Grahams secrets, found within “REthink Mixing” but I will say that after watching video one, I will never mix the same way again. To put it another way, I am (now) a better mixer. Boom!

The second video is titled “Core Instruments”.

Graham has talked about mixing in mono before. In video two “REthink Mixing” Graham details how he sets it up, and why he mixes in mono in the first place. After hearing it for myself, I will forever follow in his foot steps. Graham dives into separating the tracks out by applying EQ’s and high pass filters too. Who knew how aggressive you can get with EQ and high pass filters, and still get that professional sound? I was really surprised at how much we “toss away”, or “cut out of the mix”.

Next up was a discussion and a demonstration on compression. Graham details, or breaks down a compressors dials, and explains what they each do. Then he uses a compressor on all types of tracks in the mix, and explains how he uses them to get a massive and in your face sound. Each track just came to life as he worked his magic, and he “tells all” as he does it! Bravo!

As a side note……. If you are like me, then sometimes you know that your track needs compression but you are not too sure how to apply one. You have heard what is possible but you are not sure how to work a compressor to get that big, fat sound. You have the aim, and little else. I wish I could count all of the hours wasted away with fudging compression settings. I will not do that any more. I now understand compression, and all of the settings. This is not an easy thing for me to type. How much is that worth? Graham taught me to fish!

The third video is titled “Drum and Bass”.

Ah yes. The kick and the bass. Opponents, please shake hands and then come out fighting, right? Nope, not any more. “REthink Mixing” makes using EQ and compression to sculpt out a great sounding, and musical mix, easy! Like I mentioned before, Graham likes to keep things exciting by constantly giving tips away. Great tips, like how to check the phase of your microphones, and using gates on the drum microphones are littered in “REthink Mixing” and all over the place!

Learning how to mix drums can be very difficult even for professionals. The kick and the snare can be some of the most prominent sounds of a mix, next to vocals. Graham walks us through the process, step by step. The tips don’t stop either, as we add magic to each part of the drum kit. I feel like I am actually putting a tool box together, to pull mix ideas and tips from, and then use those in my own mixes. He gave me the confidence to go on and do it by myself. That says a lot!

The fourth video is titled “Buss Mixing”.

One of the reasons that computers fail while mixing is overload. Graham explains the reasons for this, and then shows us how to avoid this common problem. Graham shows us how to set up and then use auxiliary tracks, or bus tracks in our mixes, for signal routing and for effects too. This step, once understood, will save you a lot of time and computing power in the future.

Parallel processing is another things that is detailed in “REthink Mixing“. Graham holds nothing back as he shows us ho to parallel process several types of tracks. This sort of processing will fatten up drums, and bring  the bass out front without getting it louder in the mix, just to name a couple things.

Reverbs and delays are also explained in “REthink Mixing” and I can’t help think that I spent my money wisely. The tips and tricks keep on coming, and I keep on getting smarter and smarter. Graham explains how to create space for certain instruments, and how to “glue tracks together” with effects.

The fifth video is titled “Vocal Mixing”.

This is where Graham shows us how to bring a track out front. He shows us, step by step, how to EQ and compress a vocal track to almost perfection.  Graham goes on to explain de-essing, and then adds that onto the vocals, just to perfect them! Then, as if this was not enough, Graham shows us how to mix in harmony vocal tracks and back up vocals too.

The sixth video is titled “Sweetening”.

By this time I learned something new about mixing. Emotion can be “written into the song”. It is up to the mixer to help bring that emotion out. Graham shows us many ways that he likes to do this very thing, in “REthink Mixing“. Graham likes to keep each part of a song fresh and exciting, and he actually takes us under his wing, and shows us how he does it. Fantastic ideas! I learned things that I will not soon forget.

At the same time, Graham keeps it simple. If the song does not call for some thing, he gets rid of it. He also explains how he looks at the process of keeping a song flow simple. Hearing examples is how I learn, and Graham teaches with examples.

Video number seven is titled “Automation”.

I knew how important automation can be. Heck, the mixing engineers of years ago would have killed for motorizes faders with “write and recall” commands. Mixing was just as much of a performance as playing the instruments was. Often times people would be asked to come in, learn the fades of a song, and then perform them take after take until it was done right.

Now we have automation right under our fingers. Graham shows us exactly how we need to be using automation to its fullest. He shows us how to write automation for plugins and tracks alike. There will be no doubts in your mixing routine about writing automation by the time you are finished watching “REthink Mixing“.

Then Graham starts with tossing in the tips and the tricks again. My gosh, just when you think that there can be no more great ideas, Graham hits you up aside the head with some great ideas!

The eighth and final video is titled “Premastering”.

What is mastering anyway? If you are like me, maybe you are not 100 percent sure. Hey, what about mastering a song versus a whole album? What about the bit rate and the dither?

I had no idea about the amount of stuff that I didn’t know. Graham removes all doubt, and gives the viewer confidence. I really know the answers to all of these questions now, and I am eager to get to work on mixing my own material. Graham is very thorough, and he shares everything he has to offer with you. He really wants you to have the same exact mixing skill set that he has, and he makes no bones about teaching it to you in “REthink Mixing“.

Well done! You will be a better mixer from just watching this video!

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  1. Sidrit says:

    Hi but subtitles for these videos beacuse i am from Albania

  2. I purchased his recording book.. Pretty good!

  3. Mark Light says:

    Graham has the the most focused, easy to follow approach that I’ve seen. I couldn’t recommend this enough!


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