Joe Gilder, “Understanding Compression” training video review

This post is a very long, in depth look at Joe Gilders “Understanding Compression” training video. If you are not sure just who Joe Gilder is, one only need check out Home Studio Corner. Joe Gilder has some fantastic products up for sale too, and here is a link over to the list. I will be reviewing more of these titles, so if one “speaks to you”, let me know the name. I will try to review that one for you.


I have had the good fortune of watching this video, and then letting you all know weather you need to watch it or not.

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OK, back to this review of “Understanding Compression”….

The jury is back, and you need to watch this great video. Here is why.

I have often times said that there is only one way to learn mixing and the components needed to mix. That way is to sit down and work along with someone that knows there stuff. This is the way Joe Gilders training videos, like “Understanding EQ” and “Understanding Compression” work. You get to watch Joe work along, in ProTools files, and you also get to hear his thoughts. You get to understand why it is he uses compression, how it is he applies compressors, and he actually teaches you how to apply compression for your own tracks!

You can’t place a price on that. If you can’t work alongside a true professional, then this is how to learn. Period!

Here is the metaphor. If you give a man a fish, he learns nothing about compression. If you teach a man to fish, he can then use compressors for the rest of your life.

Joe Gilder is also soothing to listen to, in “Understanding Compression” and the music he works with is also very, very good. He can write, play, sing, and teach.

Let’s get started with the review!

Understanding Compression” arrives as five videos, and that is about 2 and a half hours of compressing. Also included are audio files, and bonus video and audio files too. Downloading was a snap, and it was quick and most painless.

Video 1

Understanding Compression” starts off with a great video explanation of just what compression is. If you are not sure about dynamic range and the role that compression has, this video alone will clear up all of the mystery. This video has some great images that make what Joe is saying very easy to understand.

Joe goes on to show how a compressor can control peaks, normalize a track, make a track sound tight, make a track sound up front and in your face, make loud parts quieter, and make quiet parts louder without clipping. We are in for one heck of a training video, I could tell.

Video 2

“Compressor tour” is the title of video number two. Joe opens up a song he is working on, in ProTools, and he explains each knob and each part of the compressor. From meters to knobs, Joe does not hold back. I just love all of the tips and ideas that Joe gives, stuff that only comes with years of experience. After  watching just video number one and two, I will never again use compression as blindly as I used to. Joe is easy to learn from, and gives all that he has to give.

Video 3

“What does compression sound like?”

This is where Joe comes to life as a teacher. This is where things started to make a lot more sense to me. All of those terms that I have heard all my life, and really thought I knew what they meant. Terms like “punchy”, “tight, up front in a mix”. I have heard them a million times and would have told you that I knew what they meant. I did not know, but now I really know. Joe taught me how to “hear compression”. “Understanding Compression” has forever changed the way that I mix.

Knowing what compression can sound like is half the battle. Learning how to set a compressor to mimic those sounds is the other half. Joe knows this, and Joe gives this. Wow, an old dog can still learn new tricks! Joe has shown me the “tell tale signs of compression”, in all types of music. Knowledge is power!

Next, Joe applies compression on some vocal tracks. Each time he A/B’s the two, as a before and after, and points out what we should be hearing. I have been looking for this very stuff my whole life. Here it is! If you are like me, and you feel about half confident with your compression skills, than stop reading right now and head over to Home Studio Corner to get this video. Become 100 percent confident.

Joe continues his teaching with acoustic and electric guitars. Ever pondered about how studios get that air like acoustic guitar? How about how to use compression to get an acoustic guitar to better cut through a mix and sound more present? Joe will get you there.

Next comes drums! All sorts of ideas are coming to my mind as Joe continues to shed light on what some might call “industry secrets”. How studios and mixing engineers get that great sound is now easy to understand. I feel like I can do this. Again, how much is that feeling worth to you? Joe shows how he likes to fatten up his drums with parallel compression. Weather you have heard of this trick or not, you can learn how to make it sound amazing with “Understanding Compression“. Learning the right way is boss. Then, we can use parallel compression with all sorts of tracks.

Video 4

“7 step compression”.

Joe not only shares his 7 step plan when using compression, but he walks us through many examples. He details how the knobs of a compressor are “tied” to one another. How raising one level affects another, and so on. The best part is that because Joe remains calm and friendly, I am understanding him. This is so cool.

Joe not only helps us to “hear a sonic goal” in our mind before we start compressing, but he then helps us to get there. He shows us how by using his 7 step plan, we can make anything sound the way we want it to. I did not know what sound to hear, or aim for in the first place. Thanks to “Understanding Compression” I now do. That is half of the battle, right?

We need to ask ourselves “what am I trying to accomplish?”. I couldn’t do this before, but know I can.

How can we set our compressors if we do not have a goal in mind? Well, if you were like me, you moved knobs until it sounded better. That is ok, but what about getting the best sound possible? That is what I can now get out of my mixes!

Video 5

“Real world examples”

One bonus, of many, is that Joe uses his own music as demonstration material. He adds compression to his own tracks. This just makes the “Understanding Compression” videos that much more enjoyable.

Joe continues the lessons in this video, with lots of different examples. He winds up on a very common place.  Joe ends up showing us all about stereo buss compression. This is placed across a stereo buss of our entire mix. Joe demonstrates what not to do first, with some common mistakes. Ever heard of “pumping?” Joe shows us why this happens, and how to make sure we avoid it for ourselves. Gold Joe, Gold!

Using compression, and using it to its fullest ability is easy when you get to work over Joes shoulder. Joe points out what compression sounds like, what to aim for in your own tracks, and then shows us how to get there. Understanding Compression is a steal at any price point! I would tell you to pay twice the asking price, as it would be worth it. How much is learning how to mix better worth to you? Yea, I thought so! “Understanding Compression“!!!

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