“Mixing Rap Vocals” (review) from Matt Weiss and The Pro Audio Files.

Please know that the “Mixing rap vocals” has grown to become a two part video training series with a title change, “Mixing Hip Hop“.

Matt has two complete video packages up for your downloading now, and each one is packed full of amazing information. He does the impossible in both series, and mixes vocals to perfection in each series too. The two series have been reviewed in length, by yours truly. Here is a link over to “ Mixing Rap Vocals 2“.  Please note that they each have hours of mixing training and each is a unique look at Matts way of mixing vocals.

Mixing Rap Vocals” is a new offering, in the form of seven training videos, from mixing engineer Matt Weiss and the website The Pro Audio Files. Matt Weiss knows mixing and rap, and I am super excited to check out these videos. There is an introduction video, followed by four videos chop full of mixing. Get ready to get schooled in EQ and compression technique, as well as a whole lot more.


As a cool extra bonus, there is a video in the series that covers some vocal techniques. The video is an interview with vocal producer Laura Zahn. The basic “diaphragm, lungs, and mouth stuff” is hit upon, but it also goes into holding notes and exercises that we can all do to become better at delivering those great vocal moments.

So, just to pre-count the videos with you, there are seven videos, total, found inside ” Mixing Rap Vocals“. One video titled “Interview with vocal producer Laura Zahn”, one is titled “Intro”, and that is an introduction. There are four parts to the series, and also a video titled “Complete Treatment”. This last video is a vocal mixing session dealing with a completely different session then the four prior videos deal with.

I am not known for my rap mixing skills, but I recently gave it a shot. I mixed a great rap song from an online friend. I was shocked at how quickly I found myself “swimming over my head”. I ran out of ideas rather quickly and found myself wondering how to get more body out of the vocal. I wish I had watched ” Mixing Rap Vocals” first. Why must I learn the hard way?

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OK, back to the review of  ” Mixing Rap Vocals“……

Before I start on my “video by video breakdown”, let me tell you a secret of sorts. The ” Mixing Rap Vocals” series has changed the way I will forever mix vocals of all types. Matt showed my things I never knew. Matt gives tips and tricks freely, throughout the video series, and gives clear and easy to understand details, explaining just exactly what he is doing, step by step. Matt has a good habit of explaining what he wants, tone wise, and then explaining how he gets that tone. After a quick explanation of where he is going, Matt opens plugins, turns knobs, moves sliders, and explains why. That is just what we need, and exactly what you should expect.

O.K., now the “video by video breakdown”…

The first video in “Mixing Rap Vocals”  is a quick introduction video where Matt outlines his four steps to mixing rap vocals. The four steps are 1) Clean up, 2) Dynamic Control, 3) Enhancement, and 4) Ambience. He quickly discusses each step, and what we can expect to be using to accomplish the four steps. I am excited indeed. Now, on to the next video!

Matt is using Pro Tools. Please do not let that fact ruin your chance to learn a lot about mixing. Pro Tools is just Matts’ D.A.W. of choice. Learning the basics, or the techniques is the key here, not which D.A.W. we do it in. Point is, if you can use one EQ, or one compressor, then you can probably figure them all out.

vid1 EQ

Video one starts off with a quick explanation of the task at hand. Then, it is all business. We get a first listen to the rap vocal. Then we dive in with EQ. After all, the first step is “Clean up”. As Matt works along he is constantly explaining what he is doing, and he constantly gives cool tips. This is where the value is.  He details what he is about to do, why he is doing it, and then he does it. I like this flow. I also like the fact that we can see inside his home studio. Although it is a little bit on the messy side, it reminds me that Matt is inside his home, and not in a fancy studio. I feel like I can do this too.

vid2 comp

Video two begins with an explanation of why we need compression when mixing things like vocals. Then we get a simple but effective explanation of how compression works. Matt has a video completely dedicated to compression, and he would like us to know it is available for purchase. But you get a step by step explanation of how to compress a rap vocal here, in ” Mixing Rap Vocals“, so do not worry. Matt takes us through each knob, and how to apply compression for the best results. Well, best results for a rap vocal anyway.

I am noticing some things that I really like as I watch and listen to ” Mixing Rap Vocals“. First, Matt does not “mix with his eyes”, but instead he “mixes with his ears”. He points out, as he works along, what he hears and what we should listen for. That is the secret sauce here, or the good stuff. We can’t get there if we don’t know the direction, or what sonic target we should be aiming for. This will take a long time to hone, but at least I understand the principals now.


The third video in the series is all about “Enhancing” the vocal. Matt is fast to point out that we first removed the unwanted frequencies, and then leveled out the volume spikes. We did those things because we only wish to enhance the good stuff, and not the unwanted parts. We start the enhancement process with some more EQ steps. Matt talks us through his established processes, and together we sweeten the vocals that were already sounding rather sweet. ” Mixing Rap Vocals” is very good thus far, and an amazing value!

Things quickly get very good here in video three. We get a heaping dose of value for our money. Matt shows us how he likes to use parallel compression on rap vocal tracks. He explains what the process is all about, and why we do this cool trick. He shows us the compressor he likes to use, and how he likes to set it up for maximum punch. Then Matt shows us a cool tip. I learned something , here in video three, that no one else has ever been able to teach me before. I do not want to give it away, but just know the ” Mixing Rap Vocals” series just paid for itself. I love it when that happens!


The fourth video in this series is titled “Ambience”. Matt first details the steps that he is about to take to make the vocals sound big and epic. The cool factor is raised here as Matt not only shows us how he does this with his favorite plugins, but also plugins that we all might have.  Matt begins with reverb.


Matt shows us his choice plugins and settings at the start. More importantly, Matt explains why he likes those effects as his first choice. Next, Matt gets us close to the first choice using more common and even stock plugins. Awesome! Matt talks us through how to set up the sliders and settings that make up a reverb and a delay. Matt explains how to create space without the listener hearing reverb and delays. I love these tips and tricks.

complete treatment

The next video in the ” Mixing Rap Vocals” series is titled “Complete Treatment”. Matt has a brand new track to play for us, and then and fix with us. He focuses only on the vocals, as is the title of the series. This time we start with a De-esser. Matt takes us right through the entire “De-essing” process with us, explaining what he is aiming for, and what he is doing. That is how we learn the best, if you were to ask me. Also, Matt sticks with using stock Pro Tools plug ins in this particular video.

Next, we EQ the vocals to sit better with the backing tracks. It is amazing how well these little tweaks make the song sound so much better. Matt then moves on to get dynamic control on the vocals by using a compressor. The next step is to perfect the vocal with another, slightly different purposed, EQ.

Parallel compression follows, and this time Matt makes it rock. Matt teaches us about modulation distortion by means of over compression. Then he uses the distortion to his advantage, and makes the vocals sound big and life like. This tip has changes the way I will forever mix vocals of all types.

Matt sweetens the pot by showing us how he adds reverb. Well, adds reverb to this particular rap vocal anyway. That is to be expected. However, matt does the unexpected and breaks things down. Matt explains things reverb pre delay, and he goes into great detail as he talks about these things. That is where the value lies here. Matt is all the time giving us these great insights that will certainly help your mixes out.

Do yourself the favor and purchase “ Mixing Rap Vocals” right now, by using the link provided. That link will take you over to the website where you can download the videos right now. Then you can get started learning how to get much better vocals in your mixes. I will come back and watch this series many times, well into my mixing future.

My mind has been blown wide open, but not in a bad, “I am now  lost” sort of way. I now have a much better understanding of parallel compression on vocals. I have a better grasp of how mixing engineers add distortion to vocals without using a distortion plugin. I had a good understanding of EQ and compression when I started watching ” Mixing Rap Vocals“, and now it has been vastly expanded upon. Get this video series! Please do not forget about ” Mixing Rap Vocals 2“, the perfect companion training video!

Please feel free to check out some other reviews for Matts amazing training video products, “Mixing with Compression“, “Mixing Hip Hop“, and his awesome sample pack, Weiss Drums, “The Maio Collection“.


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