“A guide to being a productive Mix Coach Pro Member”, free EBook and training video series.


A guide to being a productive Mix Coach Pro Member“, free EBook and training video series.


If you are “on the fence” about weather to join and become a Mix Coach Pro member then please let me have your attention. If you feel that your mixes could be a lot better if you only had a little push into the right direction, then listen up. If you have recently joined as a Mix Coach Pro member but you are having difficulty following along with the content, or your mixes are not improving like they should, then I have what you want!

I have put together an EBook and “Mix Coach training video” bundle that I am calling “A guide to being a productive Mix Coach Pro Member“. It is yours, absolutely free, as long as you either use my links to become a member, or you have used one of my links to join in the past.

Plus, you might want to watch the video that I made for a review of Mix Coach Pro. Here is a link over to that post.


What is in the  “A guide to being a productive Mix Coach Pro Member“? Let me assure you that the guide is chock full of great information. I have written an EBook that walks you through what exactly is inside the month to month content, where to find the multi track files, what each tab on the website is, each step of downloading the month to month content, how to upload your mixes, and my own guide to rapid learning using the tools that come with being a Mix Coach Pro member!

That’s right, I detail my system for setting up my sessions from scratch, how to mix like the guys at Mix Coach, how to get the most out of your membership, plus I even detail some of my personal settings for things like bus compression. I have made it my personal mission to bring each new member up to speed on the same techniques that the Mix Coach guys use when mixing..

Skip to the bottom of this post, right now, if you simply want to learn how to receive your free “A guide to being a productive Mix Coach Pro Member” right now.

Here are some examples of what you can learn from the included training videos:

Mixing in mono. What does “mixing in mono mean? How do we set up our sessions so that we can mix in either mono and/or stereo? How does mixing in mono help us? If you ask yourself these sorts of questions then please allow me to offer you some help. I can clarify the entire process, and help you to better understand the benefits of mixing in mono.

Bus compression. So, maybe you have heard Kevin Ward mention this important mixing technique. Maybe you understand the idea but you would like a much better understanding of the whole process. Whatever your situation, you will have a much better grasp of exactly why we use bus compression, and how to use it in your very own Mix Coach Pro member mixes from now on.

Correcting phase issues, or “flipping the phase”. If you have heard about flipping the phase or not, you need to be aware of what it actually is. Heck, sometimes it just comes down to a mixing engineers personal taste. Let me show you what phase is all about and how to know when it needs to be reversed or flipped. Once you know what to listen and look for, you will be a much better mixer. The guys at Mix Coach perform this trick regularly, so it helps to learn what it is prior to joining.

Hi and Low pass filters. These go on every track over at Mix Coach. Maybe you have heard that now famous saying “Hi pass everything”, and you are just not too sure what that means. Let me show you exactly what they are talking about. I will also show you basic EQ stuff, like notch filters, that you will need to know to go along with your new Mix Coach Pro member subscription.

Plus, as an extra bonus, for the Mix Coach Website itself, in both the EBook and the videos I explain:

What are they using for plug ins in the videos? Oftentimes John and Kevin fail to mention the name of the plugin that they are using and what it is that they are adjusting on the plugins themselves. I am not bashing on them here. I think that after repeating the exact same function on every track, time and time again, they simply stop mentioning it. New members often times feel frustrated. I will show you what is going on.

Where do I find the content, and how do I get started mixing? Great questions. I have your answers too! I will walk you through the process in a minute, I promise!

“Navigating the Mix Coach website”. A “tab by tab” walk through of the entire website.

“Key to rapid growth”. Plus, as one last bonus for you,  I give you a key to being a fast learning Mix Coach Pro member. I have learned an entire process of going through the monthly content, and making it pay off big. I will walk you through the steps and the ideas behind the steps that have helped me to become the mixer that I am. I also explain how to go through these steps, in a time sensitive method, as to better use all of the tools at hand.

A guide to being a productive Mix Coach Pro Member” is a free EBook and video series bundle, yours for simply clicking my link when joining the Mix Coach Pro member. It is my way of saying “Thank You”, and a way for me to give back.

So, how does this work? You might be asking yourself how can you obtain your free guide and the videos. Glad you asked. I tried to keep this as easy as I could.

All you need to do is purchase your Mix Coach membership, using any of the links that I have placed in this very post. I will automatically send you the guide, free of charge.

But, if you are already a Mix Coach Pro member, or you just want the free guide, send me an email. My email address is Kern@HomeRecordingWeekly.com . Please type “Free Guide” in the email subject line. That’s it!



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