Episode 36, Joe Gilders new home studio.


Joe Gilder needs no introduction, especially on a podcast about recording and mixing. If you were to ask me, he is best known for a few things, of which some of those are:

 1) Making home recording seem easy.

2) His awesome sense of knowing what a mix needs and then giving it exactly “that”.

3) Getting a better completed mix than I can, and by doing half as much.


I always enjoy talking with Joe. He is a calm man with loads to share with all of us. Thanks Joe for sharing your valuable time with all of us!

Here is a link to (the amazing) Dueling Mixes. This is a monthly membership that gets you mixing better than you ever thought you could, in no time at all. Here is a link to my review of Dueling Mixes.

Joe mentions ProTools in our chat, and here is a link to “Understanding Pro Tools” training videos.

Here is a link to become a Home Studio Corners’ V.I.P. member, a “incredible membership site”.

Here is a link to Production Club, of which Joe talked at some length about in todays episode.

Here is a link to the rather new “Mix Practice”.

Here are some links to the other incredible products that I have reviewed, and that I mention in todays podcast episode. These are the videos that started my journey to where I find myself today, much better!

Understanding EQ

Understanding compression

Joe and I talk a lot about all sorts of PreSonus topics. Here is a link to the PreSonus website.

Lightning Boy Audio is ending their long run of amazing guitar effect pedals. Hurry, check them out and place your order today!

Pedal Labels are such a cool idea. Place them on your pedals and never miss that tone again!


3 Responses to “Episode 36, Joe Gilders new home studio.”

  1. deepak lama says:

    Dear sir
    i want to be come your on line student.
    i have problem Room treatment…..i have m-audio bx8 and Yamaha hs 5 monitor .i done bass trap too but still i dint feel comfortable mixing my room… if you will give me small idea as soon as possible i will do better..

    Regard and thanks
    Deepak lama
    From Nepal

  2. Fred Rock says:

    Joe G is the man! He should be nominated for Audio Entrepreneur of the year


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