The Mix Academy review, and my mix

If you have been into recording, mixing, mastering, or anything audio for any length of time then chances are you have heard of David Glenn. David is taking the world of mixing by storm. Mr. Glenn has been very busy honing his craft and teaching others how to mix like the pros. “The Mix Academy” is David’s newest offering into the world of mixing training, in the form of a monthly membership training program.


Let me first tell you a little bit about what I have learned about David Glenn. I have had the great fortune of talking to David a couple of times, and each time he has a lot to share. Please check out the podcast interviews, between David Glenn and myself,  here (part 1) and here (part 2). I have also been lucky enough to review a few of David Glenns’ other amazing “tutorial style” mixing training videos, “Mixing Vocals“, “Mixing Acoustic Pop“, and “Mixing Drums“. Let me report to you that all of these products are simply incredible, and have taught me an enormous amount about the world of pro mixing.

David has out done himself with the introduction of  “The Mix Academy“. We have all been patiently waiting for “The Mix Academy” to come, and now it is here. David has a lot to offer each member, too, and he stands by his promises.

A monthly membership to “The Mix Academy” will cost you a mere 27.00 dollars (U.S.). For that small amount you will have access to the actual (24 bit WAV) multi-track session files for your mixing pleasure. Next, you get to download a monthly, in depth, over the shoulder, mixing video that demonstrates how David tackled the song at hand. These videos easily run over an hour in length and cover many micro-lessons as well. You will get artist interviews, and an inside look at how David communicates with his clients. David then sweetens the pot by offering a forum where members can post their mixes for mix critiques, and monthly Google hangouts for talking about “all things music”. Wow, that is a lot of product for 27.00 dollars!

David also promises a crazy diverse array of genres for “The Mix Academy“. As for the genres that David has lined up for monthly mixes, how about country, metal, gospel, hip hop, R&B, pop, rock, EDM, and more. This is how I plan on getting better at mixing in a short amount of time. David has a plan and I am onboard. I know I will grow as a mixer, and David has my back!

As I type this out, I am just about done with my mix of the very first song from “The Mix Academy“, titled “Tiempo de Amar”. My first impression was that the tracks were recorded extremely well. However, the recording is very real. What this means is that this is the sort of mix that you can expect to get in the real world. It is well done, but there are some problems to tackle. For example, there are breaths and other vocal sounds in the vocal track. There is a fair amount of microphone bleed in the snare and kick mics. The acoustic guitars contain a lot of low end that needs to be removed. Such is life, and that is the whole point.

David Glenn wants you to learn the right way, with real world mixes. These are the types of mixes that you should expect to receive from clients around the world. Kudos to David for not supplying perfect tracks. The song is in Spanish, and I do not speak the language, but it does not matter. I love it!!! I am a sucker for powerful ballads with piano, guitars, pads, synths, electric guitars, real drums, back up vocals, and they are all included in “Tiempo de Amar”. This is as real as it gets.

Ultimate offer

OK, hold on. Since you are reading through this review that tells me that you are looking to improve your mixing skills, so let me “sweeten the pot” a tad. Let me toss in one great big special bonus offer, just for you.

 As my way of saying thank you for using any of these links to make your purchase, I will give you some very special, very detailed gifts, aimed right at you, the person that is willing to learn more about recording, mixing, and mastering.

Let me tell you about the new Home Recording WeeklyUltimate Bonus Offer” that is all set to go and just waiting for you. Inside the Home Recording Weekly “Ultimate Bonus Offer” you will find not one, but two amazingly helpful video training products that will transform how you approach recording, mixing, and mastering in your home studio. They are titled, “The Pro Mixers Playbook”, “DIY Mastering”.

Each one of these two video training products contains lots and lots of “How to” style videos that are made up of “screen capture” style videos, shot right inside my very own home studio, like you are sitting down with me. Each training product inside the Home Recording Weekly “Ultimate Bonus Offer” has been recorded, edited, and mixed down with a few main things in mind…

First, I know that “Content is king”. Each video contains quality, unique content that I, personally, just could not find anywhere else.

Next, the quality of the audio and the quality of the picture is the best I have ever produced. I worked very hard to create video training that is helpful in nature, unique in content, and killer in features like audio and subject. These are the best mixing and mastering tips and techniques that I have learned, that have taken my music over the top, and rocketed my skill sets to the best they have ever been.

Let me break down, quickly, what is covered in each training series:


The Pro Mixers Playbook

Learning how to mix like the pros can be the most rewarding thing we ever do. It can also be the most frustrating thing we ever do. Why does learning how to mix have to be so difficult?

The truth is there is a lot of information out there, broken up into quick little video chunks, some over here, and some over there, and, well, in a lot of different places. Learning just one brand new mixing technique can take you to many different places that all seem to have somewhat competing information.

For this very reason, I have been hard at work, putting something rather special together that I call “The Pro Mixers Playbook”. I have made over 4.5 hours of training videos together, in one easy to download PDF file. I have listed, and then made corresponding videos for the most powerful, the most “mix-shaping” 15 Pro mixing plays that have had the most impact (hands down) with my own mixes. This is a mixing foundation just waiting to happen. There is something new and rewarding, for new mixers and pros alike, inside in “The Pro Mixers Playbook”.


DIY Mastering

Learning how to master can be confusing too. Figuring out how to get our stereo tracks to sound clean, wide, big, phat, and massive is a struggle. There are a lot of conflicting videos online that all help to confuse the viewer and help wreck your music. There is nothing else online quite like “DIY Mastering”, I guarantee it.

Included in “DIY Mastering” are training style videos that explain some of the most helpful, most impactful mastering techniques that have all come together to make my masters sound clear, clean, and huge. Video after video we go deeper and deeper into the strategies that really matter when it comes to getting great sounding masters.

The entire Home Recording Weekly “Ultimate Bonus Offer” is just my way of saying “THANK YOU”, for using any one of my links to purchase any one of the training videos that I have reviewed for you, right here, on Home Recording Weekly.

If you are interested in learning the best of the best of the best techniques, the best techniques that have taken me years and years to learn and master, the best techniques for creating the best mixes and masters, all in “over the shoulder” training video form, then get your own copy of Home Recording Weekly “Ultimate Bonus Offer” today. Make that purchase.

Here is how:

When you use any of the links that I have provided for you in this review post to join “The Mix Academy“, I will allow you a download code for the Home Recording Weekly “Ultimate Bonus Offer“.

All you need to do is send me an email ( with the words “Ultimate Bonus Offer” in the subject line. Tell me the product that you have purchased, using my link, and I will send you your free copy.

If you are thinking about purchasing any of the training video products that I have reviewed, than now is the time to make that purchase! Get you own Home Recording Weekly “Ultimate Bonus Offer” today!


OK, back to the review at hand, “The Mix Academy“.

Let me tell you that I have witnessed my own growth as a mixing engineer. My growth has been amazing. This is due, in part, to joining mixing membership sites. I currently belong to three of these sites, and they have fueled my rapid growth. I really am amazed at the speed at which I have learned how to mix like the pros. I have obtained and retained strategies and techniques that have taken my mixing to a level that I never dreamed I’d make it to. That is as honest as I can be.

Each month I have access to well recorded, real world multi-track session files (that I can’t wait to get into). I mix them to the best of my ability. This has really taken off. Each month I learn new techniques that really help my mixing stand out. Next, I watch the monthly over the shoulder mixing videos. I get so much out of these videos that I then go back and re-mix the songs. I can’t help myself. So, I am not only mixing material each month, but I mix and then get schooled on how the pros mix the exact same songs! This is where the secret to fast growth lies. Everything else, like the webinars, artist interviews, and forums, are like a sugar-sprinkle coating.

This is learning at its finest. Each month there are new problems (in the mixes) that direct us to learn new approaches, new techniques for solving these problems. We are learning from the best of the best, and we are getting better and better.

Join “The Mix Academy” today.

If you are really serious about getting better at mixing, then you owe it to yourself to check out the other titles from David Glenn,  “Mixing Vocals“, “Mixing Acoustic Pop“, and “Mixing Drums“. These videos have changed the way that I mix, for the better, and they have helped me a tremendous amount.

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