The single best thing you must do in order to become a better mixer.

You will not believe how fast you can grow as a mixer! I have personally been blown away at the speed in which I have improved as a mixing engineer.

Here is the deal. We all want to obtain better mixes. We all love the music that we create, and the entire process of making our own music, too. It is always fun and just awesome to hear one of our own musical creations come together, track by track. I know that I, for one, am hooked on music making, and I am hooked for life.

But as a song comes together we always seem to run into the same exact problems. We can close our eyes and hear what is possible for our songs. However, in reality, our mixes sound amateur, at best, when compared to music we hear playing on the radio. We know that our dreams of a great sounding mix is within reach. But how can we get our music to sound as good as we know it can? Where can we learn the trade, the art of mixing, from beginner level tips all the way up to professional level ideals?

The answer is easy, but not simple. Confusing? I apologize if this seems misleading, but my aim is to help you find the help you so desperately crave. Once I tell you “The Golden Secret” that tells you how to get better, fast, the title of this post may seem to be “click bait-like”. I will not argue with you about that. But, like anything you wish to do much better in life, you must be willing to do a few things. Lets use “Becoming a better mixer” as an example.

So, in order to become a better (mixer) we must:

1) Mix multi track sessions. Dig in and mix, mix all that you can, but mix with a sonic goal in mind. Mix with some training in place. Training that you obtained from professional mixing engineers. Lets be brutally honest, mixing your tracks, your bands music, and other peoples music, the exact same way that you have been mixing thus far, has not yielded the results you want so desperately. You must do some learning, and then apply what you have learned.

2) Put yourself in the company of those that know more than you do about mixing. Surround yourself with those that know more than you do. This is how we learn after all.

3) Listen to feed back and then go back again to the first step. Listen to the personal mix critiques and mix feedback that others give to you. This is where the explosive growth can happen, but only if you allow two things to happen. First, you must allow others to hear your mixes. Putting your mixes out there for others to hear can be scary at first. Next, you must open yourself up to criticism from others, too, and if you have thin skin it can hurt. You must realize that most people want to help you. Joining online communities of “like minded individuals” and listening to what they have to say is tough sometimes, but very important.

So, where do we start?

OK, hold on….

Since you are reading through this review that tells me that you are looking to improve your mixing skills, so let me “sweeten the pot” a tad. Let me toss in one great big special bonus offer, just for you.

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Ultimate offer

Each one of these two video training products contains lots and lots of “How to” style videos that are made up of “screen capture” style videos, shot right inside my very own home studio, like you are sitting down with me. Each training product inside the Home Recording Weekly “Ultimate Offer” has been recorded, edited, and mixed down with a few main things in mind…

First, I know that “Content is king”. Each video contains quality, unique content that I, personally, just could not find anywhere else.

Next, the quality of the audio and the quality of the picture is the best I have ever produced. I worked very hard to create video training that is helpful in nature, unique in content, and killer in features like audio and subject. These are the best mixing and mastering tips and techniques that I have learned, that have taken my music over the top, and rocketed my skill sets to the best they have ever been.

Let me break down, quickly, what is covered in each training series:


The Pro Mixers Playbook

Learning how to mix like the pros can be the most rewarding thing we ever do. It can also be the most frustrating thing we ever do. Why does learning how to mix have to be so difficult?

The truth is there is a lot of information out there, broken up into quick little video chunks, some over here, and some over there, and, well, in a lot of different places. Learning just one brand new mixing technique can take you to many different places that all seem to have somewhat competing information.

For this very reason, I have been hard at work, putting something rather special together that I call “The Pro Mixers Playbook”. I have made over 4.5 hours of training videos together, in one easy to download PDF file. I have listed, and then made corresponding videos for the most powerful, the most “mix-shaping” 15 Pro mixing plays that have had the most impact (hands down) with my own mixes. This is a mixing foundation just waiting to happen. There is something new and rewarding, for new mixers and pros alike, inside in “The Pro Mixers Playbook”.


DIY Mastering

Learning how to master can be confusing too. Figuring out how to get our stereo tracks to sound clean, wide, big, phat, and massive is a struggle. There are a lot of conflicting videos online that all help to confuse the viewer and help wreck your music. There is nothing else online quite like “DIY Mastering”, I guarantee it.

Included in “DIY Mastering” are training style videos that explain some of the most helpful, most impactful mastering techniques that have all come together to make my masters sound clear, clean, and huge. Video after video we go deeper and deeper into the strategies that really matter when it comes to getting great sounding masters.

The entire Home Recording Weekly “Ultimate Offer” is just my way of saying “THANK YOU”, for using any one of my links to purchase any one of the training videos that I have reviewed for you, right here, on Home Recording Weekly.

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If you are thinking about purchasing any of the training video products that I have reviewed, than now is the time to make that purchase! Get you own Home Recording Weekly “Ultimate Offer” today!

OK, back to the topic at hand……

What if you subscribed to a monthly “mixing training service” that supplied you with everything you needed to get better, and get better fast! You see I not only know a few of these services, I belong to a select few of these amazing services. My mixing has improved by incredibly large amounts. I have shocked myself at which the speed of my learning has taken place. Still, to this very day, each month I grow better and better. What say you? Want in?

Here is how I do it. Like I said, I belong to three mixing membership sites, and I stand behind each one as being a ton of value. Each one costs less than 30 dollars a month. That is not a lot of money if you assign a value on learning directly from the professional mixing engineers themselves, right? Each membership service is slightly unique in its’ “extra offerings”, and I can help you find just the right one. Each of these three mixing membership sites offer the same “core products” (a multi track session and hours of “How to” mixing videos), however from there they vary slightly.

Each month I download new multi track session files (songs of all types and genres), monthly mixing training videos that demonstrate how the professional mixing engineer mixed the exact song that I have loaded up in my DAW, and then there is just so much more! These membership sites are all designed to improve your mixing skills. You will be astonished at how quickly you improve!

The three mixing services that I belong to are: (in no specific order)

To learn more about exactly what each of these services offer, how they are unique from one another, please feel free to click on the links provided.

Mix Coach Pro


Dueling Mixes Review


The Mix Academy




You see each month (except for “MixThru” which is one single multi-track/video series bundle) I am provided with multi track session files (a complete song) to mix. I am also supplied with hours of training videos that teach how the song was mixed, from start to finish, with a “one on one” like feel. I can also do some cool things like listen to the pros mixes and compare those to mine, send my actual mix in for a critique, Join in on monthly live webinars, join in on mixing conversations, or ask questions in the community portion of these websites, and just so much more! Each month each of these training services seem to toss in some sort of bonus. Some host “giveaways” with real recording gear like microphones for example, some provide interviews with industry professionals, and some supply extra content. You never know what can happen month to month! Please use the links provided above that will take you over to my lengthy reviews. That way you can learn the most about each of these three amazing services.

The things most folks seem to miss are all of the extras that you can pull out of these membership services. For example, you can quickly put together a list of songs that you mixed yourself, to give to prospective clients. There is nothing as powerful as being able to hand over samples of your work to a band or fellow song writer.

Another powerful offering is belonging to a vast and knowledgeable community of mixers. Each of these services offer a fun online community that you can become a member of. There is nothing as pleasing as finding answers to your problems, from folks that know exactly where you are coming from.

How about having a hard drive full of amazing, professionally recorded tracks to pull samples from? My drum sample library is full of great sounding kicks and snares, thanks to being a member of these services. These songs are often times professionally recorded in some of the best studios in the business.

Look, I am constantly improving my chops. My tool box of tricks and tips is filling up. Each month I learn new and exciting ways to use effects like saturations, reverbs, delays, choruses, EQ’s, automation, and the list just goes on and on. Each month I am blown away by the way these guys use tools like panning, stereo width, busses, sends and returns, or effects like transient designers, compression, and limiting to get great sounding tracks. Each month I learn new ideas that I can, in turn, apply to my music!

So, what is becoming a mixer worth to you? Wouldn’t you love to learn how to get great sounding mixes like the pros do? It is not about having fancy, expensive plugins. It is all about learning simple ideas, and then learning how to properly execute these ideas that can transform your mixes completely. If rapid growth in the field of mixing music of all genres excites you, perhaps gets you high (like it does to me), then joining a mixing membership is your “drug of choice”! Join, grow, and become a mixing engineer.

Isn’t this all worth under 30 dollars a month? Do the right thing and pull the trigger now!

Mix Coach Pro


Dueling Mixes


Mixthru“, again, this is a single “one song” multi-track session files and training video series, and not a membership series


The Mix Academy


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