The “Voiceover Playbook”, from Voiceover expert, Bill Dewees.

Are you ready to make some money with your home studio, in the voiceover industry?

If the answer is “Yes”, then you must think and act like a business owner.  The “Voice Over Playbook“, from voiceover expert Bill Dewees, can be thought of as a “Comprehensive marketing plan” for your venture into the exciting world of voiceover. Bill makes no effort to hide the fact that he is a six figure a year voiceover artist/expert, and he wants to help you join in the ranks. Most importantly, Bill Dewees is a man that has a plan, a working plan for all of us wanting to earn some cash with the gear we already have, a plan that he has proven, a plan that you can be assured really works. What else do you need to know?


Most of us begin building our home recording studios with the passion of music driving us. We become home studio owners due to that initial love of making that music that lives in our hearts a real, tangible object.

But at some point, for whatever reasons, we think about making some (perhaps much needed) extra cash with our personal home studios. Lets just say perhaps its a major gear purchase that we are dreaming about, or maybe its just for fun, you know, just to see if generating income with our studio is even possible. Whatever the reason we find ourselves coming to this point. Voiceover work is what most of us begin to think about. But how do we even get started?

Believe it or not, we home studio owners all have a potential to make a lot of money. Heck, we have put together small recording set ups with our favorite pieces of gear, so why not make it pay? We have spent countless hours learning how to record properly, how to edit things like breaths, plosives, and sibilance. Lets face it, voiceover work sounds perfect for us! The question is where do we start?

What you will learn in the “Voice Over Playbook” ……

**Where to find paying jobs now!

**How to set up a basic home studio, without breaking the bank.

**Attracting and keeping paying voiceover clients

**How to become a much better, more aggressive voiceover business person.

** Plus, so many of your questions about the voiceover business will be answered.

Enter voiceover expert Bill Dewees, the “Voice Over Playbook“, and some of his other amazing helpful products. Bill has what we are looking for. Bill Dewees is a voiceover talent expert with years and years of professionalism that has made him rise above the noise. Bill knows how to get paying clients, how to deliver quality content, and how to keep clients happy and keep them coming back for more. But that is not all.

Bill gives us the “juicy insider stuff” that has taken Bill a very long time to learn and put into action. Bill Dewees has quality insider content to share, and the “Voice Over Playbook”  is chock full of it. Bill has the powerful insider knowledge that we are all looking for. He has worked as a voiceover talent for a ton of cooperate fortune 500 companies, like “Pizza Hut, Microsoft, Google, Frito Lay, Lowes, Sears, Whirlpool, and the list goes on and on.

Bill knows how to raise above the noise and get those top paying clients, but he does not stop there. He goes past all of that to explain what corporate level clients want, what they are looking for, and how to make them happy once you have their attention. Bill Dewees not only takes the viewer through many examples of his proven methods for finding work, but he explains his practices, and he actually allows us to see the details, like the actual emails that he sends to perspective clients. If you want find voiceover work, and how to get that work before others do, the “Voice Over Playbook” is for you.


The “Voice Over Playbook” consists of 13 modules, most of which are videos, with such titles as “Building your brand”, “Writing compelling copy”, “Finding companies with voice over rosters”, and “Editing tips”, just to name a few. Bill packs value on top of value here, and he makes sure to include audio and video webinars that he has recorded, and he also has included expensive seminars that he has produced. Bill takes the viewer/listener through everything they will need to do in order to be successful in the world of voiceover. Really, if you want to be successful in the voiceover industry, it is all in the “Voice Over Playbook“.

Bills’ views as a professional voiceover artist are extremely valuable. Most folks with his expertise would try to hide this sort of information from others that wish to break into the industry. Not Bill Dewees. He wants to help those that are new to the business, as to avoid becoming frustrated. On top of all of that, Bill has a comforting way about him, and listening to him discuss what you can expect from clients, and the voiceover business at large, is very reassuring.

OK, I need to stop this review right here and tell you about an offer. If you are thinking about making the purchase for The Voice Over Playbook, or any other Bill Dewees product, I will give you a free bonus. Let me tell you about my video training product for spoken word, “Podcast Polish“.

Polish DVD

There is too much bad audio finding its way onto the web, TV, and radio these days, and that is not good. In fact, poor audio quality is one of the most common reasons for folks to “un subscribe” or to stop following you altogether. It is true. Have you ever heard a poorly recorded spot and just felt awful about it as you listened? You probably stopped the audio and never finished listening to it as so many others will. You want your message heard, right?  You do not want folks clicking away because they will not ever come back.

Let me tell you about Podcast Polish.

I had to learn about the things you should know in order to produce all kinds of audio, like editing, EQ, Compression, Limiting, mixing, mastering, and the list goes on and on. I know exactly how daunting the learning curve can be for all of this stuff. I thought about my journey in audio, and what I have had to learn, and I said to myself, “There is a lot to producing great audio. The pros make it look and sound so easy. If I can help just one person to better understand just one specific item, then I would be in a much better place.”

Podcast Polish is made up of 10 training videos that help folks to better understand the techniques used to “polish” spoken word and audio. Some of the titles of the videos inside Podcast Polish are, “EQ”, “Compression”, “Editing”, “Automation”, “Expanders”, “Mastering”, “Static Mix”, and more. Although it is aimed at podcasters, if you record spoken word, you can learn a lot from it!

Get your very own copy of “Podcast Polish” by using any of the links in this post to make your Bill Dewees purchase. Send me an email ( with the words “Podcast Polish” in the subject line, and a quick explanation of what products you purchased. That’s it! I will personally email your very own copy of “Podcast Polish”. You will not see this offer in any other post, or anywhere on the web.


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Now, back to the review of the Voice Over Playbook…

The “Voice Over Playbook”  is full of valuable information that you just will not find anyplace else. Bill dives into the important ideals that we must make sure are in place, like “branding” your voiceover business,  how to write effective “compelling copy”, how to find paying work with todays online resources, and how to get paid for the work we complete. The “Voice Over Playbook” video series is extremely easy to follow and enjoyable to digest. My confidence has been raised to a whole new level. Thanks to Bill Dewees and the “Voice Over Playbook“, I know I can do this.

Bill simply gives away everything he knows about “the business” that is voice over. Bill shares a lot of the large things that obviously matter, like pro level advice that has taken him years to learn, strategies that work and have taken him decades to develop, what companies are looking for in voiceover talents, and how to speak to those people that wish to hire you. He details exactly what to say, who to say it to, and word for word. He even lets the viewer listen in on some of his “cold calls”! Bill shares the exact methods and the exact “keyword phrases” that he uses to find new voiceover work on a daily basis. This is all awesome, read close: most often very expensive, insider information! It is all inside the “Voice Over Playbook“.

Bill knows we all have questions. For example, “What about editing things that you will record?” I am talking about breaths, lip smacks, pops, and everything that makes you cringe. Bill has actually included a video module titled, “Editing tips”, that tackles these things. You might think its funny for me to talk about taking editing tips from a voice over expert, since editing is what home studio owners deal with each time they work, but guess what? I picked up a solid, crazy useful tip right at the start of this video.


With about 60 episodes of my podcast behind me, I have a lot of spoken work out there. I record first and edit last. I must go back and listen for my mistakes in order to edit them out. I learned so much in the “Editing tips” video that I will save myself hours of editing time. I cant even begin to imagine how much this one single tip must be worth in money, but I assume it is a massive figure. Bill Dewees is the man, and the “Voice Over Playbook”  just paid for itself!

Bill continues showing exactly how he treats artifacts like breaths, plosives, and sibilance, and perhaps more importantly, when to edit them and when to leave them be. Bill also demonstrates things like how he trims audio down from a long time frame to the required time frame that it needs to be. He takes over thirty seconds of talk and reduces it down to a 30 second spot. He continues showing how he makes pesky breaths can become “not so noticeable” breaks from audio that sound very good.

This is the insider information that I need to learn. I am new to the business side of things, and the actual workings of exactly what clients expect from the voiceover talent. Once again, Bill holds nothing back. If you wish to become a professional voiceover talent, Bill Dewees gives you the “virtual keys” to your new business in the “Voice Over Playbook“. Bill is sure to supply the viewer with confidence, and we all know how much that is worth.

MW conference

Let me give you yet another glimpse into the quality that you will receive inside of the “Voice Over Playbook“. Bill explains yet another personal method that he uses for finding work using the simple and effective “cold call”. He details his four step process that really works and earns him cash. Then, he actually makes some of these calls, as we listen in! It is quite amazing to hear Bill explain his process and then put it to work, on real cold calls. Let me just tell you that Bill makes the scary process of cold calling not only easy, but effective! Call after call Bill talks his way into finding the right folks that are eager to get his information. Bill hits it out of the park in this part of the “Voice Over Playbook“. This is simple awesome! I really needed to hear Bill go through all of this important stuff.

Bill includes a few bonuses  inside of the “Voice Over Playbook“. One of these bonuses is a webinar that takes the viewer through his methods to collect 99 percent of what you make with voiceover work. He has some strategies that not only make a lot of sense, but they really work. Bill walks the listener through his simple yet effective processes that he uses to keep the clients happy and willing to pay. Bill explains the reasons why clients most often do not pay voiceover talent, and how to avoid letting it happen to you. Bill uses some of his exact language, too, and he explains why he uses the words that he does. I learned more than I ever assumed there was to know about this sort of thing. I have noticed a lot of what Bill brought up, too, in the webinar, but I never knew the reasons behind why these things happen. Now I do. How powerful it was to learn the “behind the scenes” of what companies tend to do, and how to keep them happy as you communicate with them.

VO Workshop

I love the fact that Bill includes his “Midwest Conference” seminar, the “Marketing discussion” audio segment, and the “Voiceover Playbook Workshop”, which is six sections in length! Each of these modules are worth the asking price all by themselves. I got a ton of great, useful information out of each of these sections. The value that Bill gives in the “Voice Over Playbook” is simply over the top.

Look, here is the bottom line. You are reading this because you are either thinking about entering the voiceover industry, or you are trying to become more successful with your own voiceover business. It really does not matter which you are, the “Voice Over Playbook” is what you are looking for. All of your questions will be answered, and answered using honest facts and real figures. Bill makes sure to give the viewer everything he has, and in one fun to digest package. You owe it to yourself to learn from the best of the best, and Bill Dewees is the best!


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