Home Studio Corner “VIP Membership”, reviewed

The truth about Joe Gilders Home Studio Corner “VIP Membership”.

We have all witnessed it. You know, when a real professional makes something they can do look easy. Joe Gilder is one of those guys. He makes song building look effortless, and his music always sounds professional.

I make a lot of music in my humble home recording studio. The honest truth is that when I got started, my music sounded terrible. These days I like to think it sounds a lot better, but then I listened to a song that Joe Gilder effortlessly tossed together in one of his “VIP Membership” sessions. Joes quick song absolutely killed it. Yep, it sounded much better than mine.

How does he do this voodoo?


Well its no secret. Joe Gilder has been making great sounding music from his home recording studio for a long time. He has learned what works and what does not work. The best part about being a “VIP member” is that you get all that Joe has to offer in the form of tips, tricks, and ideas that pay off. You get his vocal layering ideas, you get his microphone techniques, you get his “how to make a small amp sound massive, you get songwriting tips, you get recording ideals that speed up your workflow, you get mixing videos, and the list goes on and on.

Once you join Joe Gilders Home Studio Corner “VIP Membership“, for a mere 19.97 USD each month, you will have instant access to videos as far back as 2013, right up to the present months videos. I have taken screen shots for just one months worth of video training content, to be used as an example. Those screen shots are in this post. Why? Because there was six videos in total guys! Joe tracks up a killer song with just one cheap mic and then he mixes it, all in one months worth!


Each month brings more and more learning, in the form of new video after new video. Joe makes sure to give all he has for studio help in these content rich videos, and then he gives us even more quality. You see, being a “VIP member” means that you will have access to the VIP mix critiques. Yep, Joe actually records himself critiquing VIP members songs, and then he lets you have access to these videos. This is powerful and as a new VIP member I strongly suggest that you spend some time here to learn what works and what does not work in mixes.


Plus, just for using any of the links provided for you in this post, when joining Home Studio Corner and activating your “VIP Membership“, I will let you have a free bonus product, titled the Home Recording WeeklyUltimate Bonus Offer“. All you need to do is send me an email (kern@homerecordingweekly.com) with the words “Ultimate Bonus Offer” in the subject line. Tell me the product that you have purchased, using my link, and I will send you your free copy.

Ultimate offer


As a “VIP member” you will have access to huge (up to 30 percent) discounts on most of the Home Studio Trainer training videos. Tell me this is not a great reason for joining right now! You can have access to one of the best sounding home recording studios in the world, watch, listen to, and learn from arguably one of the best home studio recording/mixing engineers, and all for a great low fee. Each month brings new creative videos covering items such as mic’ing up drums, writing realistic MIDI, layering vocals, recording and mixing great sounding acoustic guitars, and this list just goes on and on.


As a “VIP member” you will have instant access to the VIP Forum where you can interact with other VIP members about anything you want.

As a “VIP member” you can watch all of the old “live VIP sessions” from several years ago. This is how the older version of Home Studio Corner “VIP Membership” once worked. It has since evolved into weekly training videos, but it used to be a live video session.


The bottom line…

Joe Gilder makes great sounding music with ease. As a “VIP member” you can learn how you can do it too. If you are ready for your next song to sound much better than your last song, becoming a Home Studio Corner “VIP member”  can only help you. You will pick up new and exciting ideas and tips that will all help to improve the sound of your works. You will learn how to run your sessions much more efficiently, and song production ideas that will help explain how the pros make it look easy. Become a “VIP member” right now and get started on your way to much better sounding music. I cant think of a better way to gain such a good look into the home recording studio processes that all come together to result in great sounding music. For only 19.97 a month I would consider it a total value.

Please feel free to use the links provided for you in the review. That way I can let you have access to the “Ultimate Bonus Offer“, hours and hours of video training for recording and mixing, as a free bonus gift.

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