“Ultimate Mastering Formula”, from Rob Williams, reviewed

 Like me, you are probably reading this because you have a lot of questions about the art of mastering. I have been mastering for some time, but I have never been completely satisfied with my results. I have never been taught what the industry norms are, or what the acceptable numbers are for things like dynamic range, loudness, peak levels, wideness, and so much more. To be honest, I master by ear and use reference tracks as guides. This has gotten me up to this point, but now its time to gain some confidence. I want to be that guy that knows and understands what (exactly) is expected of my mastering work. I want my work to sound as great as other professionally mastered music, and I want it to sit right where it should be, in “all of the numbers”, too.

If you are like me, and this all sounds like what you tell yourself, then I have what you are looking for. Ultimate Mastering Formula” by Rob Williams.


The Ultimate Mastering Formula” from Rob Williams and his Pro Sound Formula is way more then I thought it would be. Sure there are a lot of great tutorial “over the shoulder” style training videos that demonstrate his mastering procedure, step by step. There are a lot of great examples of Rob mastering with stock plugins and his favorite, more expensive plugins too. There are also a lot of bonus videos that explain how to get your tracks as good as they can be for the mastering session at hand. That is all an amazing amount of content, and like I said, its all in “Ultimate Mastering Formula“.

But what I was not expecting to gain from watching “Ultimate Mastering Formula” is an incredible level of confidence. As a matter of fact, when it came to my very next mastering job, the butterflies had all disappeared. I had a much better understanding of mastering, as a process. I actually knew what was expected and I knew where to start and where to finish. This all was a new feeling for me, and I have been mastering for a long time. The truth is I have always just made things louder and less dynamic. Rob and “Ultimate Mastering Formula” put an end to all of that nonsense. I gained a true understanding for mastering like I had not ever possessed before.

You see, along with all of the incredibly in depth training videos about how to apply the needed tools (like EQ, Compression, and Limiting for example) Rob includes many long discussions about what we should expect as a mastering engineer. In some of these great chats, Rob goes into great detail about such important topics as dynamic levels (just to name one) before we master and after we master a song. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to Rob Williams.

Also, I must share that Rob shares a lot about the “Song production Pyramid”. The “Song production Pyramid” explains how folks are able to get professional sounding music from their home recording studios. This section along was a revelation for me. This part of Ultimate Mastering Formula” has helped me to understand exactly where I was going wrong in my home studio. It also inspired me to get back to recording my music with a new spark about my playing. I felt inspired and my new music has never sounded so great. This one section of “Ultimate Mastering Formula” was worth the entire price of admission for me. I gained a new perspective of the whole process like never before, and I have since gotten a good amount of great sounding music produced. How much would that be worth to you?

Ultimate Mastering Formula downloads fast and without headaches, but you don’t need to download anything at all if you don’t want to. Rob provides hosting once you have made the purchase, so you can quickly ands easily watch any video at any time, where ever you find yourself. But, if you prefer to download the videos that make up the series to your hard drive, safe and sound, then you may do just that. I like having the option, and it deserves the attention I am giving it.

“Welcome and orientation”

Rob explains how the course is laid out and how he recommends that you go through it. He suggests that we go through it all, from start to finish, once to get the big picture. Then we should return to the sections that we need to study more. I could not agree with Rob any more, and this is exactly what I have done. It really helped me to better learn about mastering as a process, and where I need more help.


Moving forward with amount of video content, there are more than six sections listed , with each of the six sections containing many videos. Just for one quick example, as you see in the image above, section 4 has seven videos underneath, or inside of it. This quickly adds up to hours and hours of great quality mastering training videos, each getting better and better as it moves through. You will not only learn how to get your music to sound way more professional in nature, but how to master music using the same specs and mind sets as the pros use. Rob breaks everything down into sections that are very easy to digest and understand. Rob explains things very thoroughly and musically, as a musician or studio owner might explain things.

Instead of breaking down each and every video that makes up Ultimate Mastering Formula for you, I will detail the things that Rob teaches in the videos that make up each section, ok? This is the real stuff that you are trying to figure out in the first place, right?


“Getting set up”

Rob opens with a discussion on proper monitoring techniques. All of the usual suspects are explained at length here, with topics like low level monitoring, Fletcher Munson, headphones, acoustic room treatment, and that is just to name a few. Rob explains that you must begin in a proper setting, or build that proper foundation before you can even begin building.

Rob begins by helping the viewer to better understand what they need to do to their multi track mix before exporting it out for a mastering job. Rob explains things like editing, creating fades, applying master bus compression, and all of the related numerical information involved with dynamics and loudness. Rob explains the target that you should aim for, and he also helps you to hit that target by explaining how to perform all of these techniques.

Ultimate Mastering Formula is not a “how to mix video”, but it is a “how to master video”, so please know that Rob does not dive too deep into mixing the multi tracks here.


“The five key objectives of Mastering”

Rob explains what mastering is and more importantly, what mastering is not. Rob gives a brief history behind the art of mastering and then he takes us through what mastering is today. Mastering is the last chance to make sure our music is perfect. This means clean and consistent in areas like frequency and loudness. Rob explains how mastering jobs can alter from job to job, and how to know what to keep in mind. Rob reassures the listener as he makes sure to include things that most of us would overlook. Album (song) flow comes up here, as does song formats, which are things most folks don’t even think about but it is super important.


OK, hold on. Since you are reading through this review that tells me that you are looking to improve your mixing skills, so let me “sweeten the pot” a tad. Let me toss in one great big special bonus offer, just for you.

 As my way of saying thank you for using any of these links to make your purchase, I will give you some very special, very detailed gifts, aimed right at you, the person that is willing to learn more about recording, mixing, and mastering.

Let me tell you about the new Home Recording WeeklyUltimate  Bonus Offer” that is all set to go and just waiting for you. Inside the Home Recording Weekly “Ultimate Bonus Offer” you will find not one, but two amazingly helpful video training products that will transform how you approach recording, mixing, and mastering in your home studio. They are titled, “The Pro Mixers Playbook”, “DIY Mastering”.

Ultimate offer

Each one of these two video training products contains lots and lots of “How to” style videos that are made up of “screen capture” style videos, shot right inside my very own home studio, like you are sitting down with me. Each training product inside the Home Recording Weekly “Ultimate  Bonus Offer” has been recorded, edited, and mixed down with a few main things in mind…

First, I know that “Content is king”. Each video contains quality, unique content that I, personally, just could not find anywhere else.

Next, the quality of the audio and the quality of the picture is the best I have ever produced. I worked very hard to create video training that is helpful in nature, unique in content, and killer in features like audio and subject. These are the best mixing and mastering tips and techniques that I have learned, that have taken my music over the top, and rocketed my skill sets to the best they have ever been.

Let me break down, quickly, what is covered in each training series:


The Pro Mixers Playbook

Learning how to mix like the pros can be the most rewarding thing we ever do. It can also be the most frustrating thing we ever do. Why does learning how to mix have to be so difficult?

The truth is there is a lot of information out there, broken up into quick little video chunks, some over here, and some over there, and, well, in a lot of different places. Learning just one brand new mixing technique can take you to many different places that all seem to have somewhat competing information.

For this very reason, I have been hard at work, putting something rather special together that I call “The Pro Mixers Playbook”. I have made over 4.5 hours of training videos together, in one easy to download PDF file. I have listed, and then made corresponding videos for the most powerful, the most “mix-shaping” 15 Pro mixing plays that have had the most impact (hands down) with my own mixes. This is a mixing foundation just waiting to happen. There is something new and rewarding, for new mixers and pros alike, inside in “The Pro Mixers Playbook”.


DIY Mastering

Learning how to master can be confusing too. Figuring out how to get our stereo tracks to sound clean, wide, big, phat, and massive is a struggle. There are a lot of conflicting videos online that all help to confuse the viewer and help wreck your music. There is nothing else online quite like “DIY Mastering”, I guarantee it.

Included in “DIY Mastering” are training style videos that explain some of the most helpful, most impactful mastering techniques that have all come together to make my masters sound clear, clean, and huge. Video after video we go deeper and deeper into the strategies that really matter when it comes to getting great sounding masters.

The entire Home Recording Weekly “Ultimate Bonus Offer” is just my way of saying “THANK YOU”, for using any one of my links to purchase any one of the training videos that I have reviewed for you, right here, on Home Recording Weekly.

If you are interested in learning the best of the best of the best techniques, the best techniques that have taken me years and years to learn and master, the best techniques for creating the best mixes and masters, all in “over the shoulder” training video form, then get your own copy of Home Recording Weekly “Ultimate Bonus Offer” today. Make that purchase.

Here is how:

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All you need to do is send me an email (kern@homerecordingweekly.com) with the words “Ultimate Bonus Offer” in the subject line. Tell me the product that you have purchased, using my link, and I will send you your free copy.

If you are thinking about purchasing any of the training video products that I have reviewed, than now is the time to make that purchase! Get you own Home Recording Weekly “Ultimate Bonus Offer” today!

UMF add

OK, back to Rob Williams and his awesome Ultimate Mastering Formula“.

“The seven essential mastering mindsets”


“The complete seven step mastering formula”

This is the section that “sets the hook” in . Rob shares exact numbers and ranges that we all need to learn and know. But that isn’t it. Rob explains what all of this means and how we can get out music to live within those numbers and ranges.

Look, there are no less then 22 separate training videos in this section, with training ranging from EQ to limiting, and all in an easy to follow order. Rob takes the viewer through the steps of a mastering job, the actual mindsets that mastering engineers learn and apply to music as it “goes from blah all the way up to tadah”! This is the part of the training where we learn the difference between compression, clipping, and limiting. Each one of these topics are thoroughly discussed and explained in great detail, and then driven home with actual musical examples.


“Putting your album together”


There are two videos under this section and they come together to deliver information that I had not ever knew existed. However, after hearing this information I can’t believe I had never even thought about this stuff before. Rob explains that an album is all about the experience, much like a concert or a great show. Rob breaks down the “unspoken rules” at work here, and then he makes suggestions that absolutely make a ton of sense. Once again it is apparent that Ron Williams has been at this for some time, as his knowledge speaks volumes. This is the information that will help your clients music collection move the listener and work as an album.

“Live mastering sessions”


There are five complete mastering sessions in this section, each with its own video. Rob masters five songs in different genres, that are very different. Rob explains that he does this in order to better show you that using his formula to master songs uses no hard and fast rules. There is no right way or wrong way to make art. It is up to you (the viewer) to learn the techniques that Rob supplies you and then figure out what works best for you.

Don’t misunderstand what I am telling you. Rob is not giving you a ton of cool tricks and then running away from us. Quite the opposite is happening here in Ultimate Mastering Formula. Rob is taking his time, going through each step of his formula, and explaining several ways to accomplish each task that he performs.


Rob moves along in each of these videos, and masters a song from start to finish. He shares everything that he does, too, from plugin choices to the reference tracks he chooses. This is a lot of fun for me to watch. I have always wanted to sit beside a real mastering engineer and have him totally explain each and everything he does. This is close to that dream as I will ever get. I love these “over the shoulder” style videos as I really seem to learn better from watching them.


These five videos are about one hour each (give or take) so please know there is a whole days worth of mastering course here for you to devour. Ultimate Mastering Formula” is a massive amount of training for the price.


“Bonus sessions”

There are three training video titles under the heading “Bonus Section”. They are “Mastering with stock plugins”, “Mastering with Izotope Ozone”, and “Mastering with T-Racks”. I happen to use all three of these plug in suites when I master, so I am in for a lot of extra bonus training.


However, it does not really matter what you use when you master. You can learn a lot from watching Rob detail each way of working. I bet that is why he chose to include these videos. Again, it is all about the formula, not the tools. But, that said, it is very cool to see Rob yield these tools and master a song using them to accomplish the same goal.

These videos are also all close to an hour in length, give or take, which makes for an amazing amount of extra bonus content. But, as you know it is not the amount or length of content that matters, but the quality of content. It is awesome to watch Rob tackle the same issues using different tools. I learned a lot about using all three tool sets, more than I assumed I would.


This is where you can download a few more resources that will accelerate your mastering.

First Rob has made “The mastering reference sheet” available for download. This is a video walkthrough and multiple downloads that go along with it.

You are able to download the actual music used throughout the Ultimate Mastering Formula” in order to practice what you learn. It is great to have the same exact session files as the host has, and perform the same exact moves as the host makes, as he makes them.

You also can download “The seven step mastering formula”, the blueprint, video walkthrough and PDF file.

Rob has packed a lot of useful material inside the Ultimate Mastering Formula“. The real deal here is the level of training that you receive. You will know right from the very first video that you are in great hands. Rob Williams knows mastering, and he shares a life time of mastering here inside Ultimate Mastering Formula“. His passion is obvious as is his excitement to share what he has learned from a career in music. I vote that you go ahead and pull the trigger and purchase “Ultimate Mastering Formula” right now. You have nothing to loose. You are reading my review to make sure Rob is the real deal, and that “Ultimate Mastering Formula” is what people say it is. I now vouch for both of those things.


Please take one moment and check out Robs other amazing courses, over at “Pro Sound Formula“…

Ultimate Mixing Formula

Rob removes all of the mystery that surrounds mixing, video after video, as he shares his most used mixing techniques. Don’t forget Rob Williams is a music business professional and he has been mixing and mastering for about 20 years. Rob has all kinds of amazing things to share with you. But perhaps most on point is that Rob aims to get you up and mixing asap, to help clear the mud from your mixes, and help you to understand what is involved in the whole mixing process.


Ultimate Vocal Formula

Vocals are tough for me at best. Just like you, I love to sing, but that leaves a lot out of the equation, right? I mean, my passion for singing is just that, a passion. No one said I can sing well, ok? That means I need to learn how to track up, layer, edit, and mix vocals. Recording my own vocals is just the beginning here, so I am going to let Rob Williams teach me the rest.


EQ Made Simple

EQ does not have to be impossible to learn. Heck, EQ is probably the most used, most powerful plugin we use. You need to understand how to apply the EQ like a straight up ninja, and Rob Williams can help you to get there. Rob takes the viewer through every part that makes up todays most popular EQ’s, and then he teaches you how to apply EQ like the pros. Since EQ is the most important tool in your tool box, You better learn how to use it. Your music will sound way better after you learn how to apply EQ, guaranteed. This training will pay for itself time and time again. Make the plunge and get your copy right now.


Compression Made Simple

Compression is used on every track I mix. If you aren’t using compression when you record, mix, master, or run a live sound rig, then you are missing out big time. Compression can do a lot of things for you, but only after you learn how to use it correctly. It isn’t rocket science, guys, this is fun learning at its best. This training will pay for itself time and time again. Compression is how we get tracks to “sit in a dense mix” and not fade out as other tracks come in. Compression is how we control loud spikes of audio. Compression is how we get drums to sound like thunder and bass to hold down the bottom end. Weather you are looking for more attack or more sustain, compression is your tool, and this is your video. Make the investment.


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