Episode 85, “Winner number two of the songwriting contest”, plus a gear and techniques chat”



Howdy, y’all. I was just blown away with Jose Neto and his great song, “Gotta place”. It seems as if everything has a nice place to live and there is a lot of separation. Great song and a job well done sir!


Please use this link to jump over to Episode 81 where you can hear and read about all of the great prizes that are heading to Jose.

Amazing Products mentioned in todays episode:

UPLIFTDESK” from The Human Solution

 UPLift desk3

Programing drums“, from Joe Gilder

ReThink Mixing“, from Graham Cochrane

Mixing with compression“, from Matt Weiss

Ultimate mastering formula“, from Rob Williams

Dueling Mixes“, from Joe Gilder and Graham Cochrane

Pop Production“, from Kris Crunk

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