Episode 86, “Lets get weird about audio”


Welcome back to another fun episode of the Home Recording Weekly Podcast. Today I talk at length about a phenomenon that has continued to completely overcome my senses as I work in live sound.

Mentioned in todays episode:

 “Working class audio podcast” from Matt Boudreau

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The UPLIFT DESK from “The Human Solution“.

This is what my actual UPLIFT DESK looks like…


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Kern Ramsdell

2 Responses to “Episode 86, “Lets get weird about audio””

  1. Ignacio Jordi says:

    Thank you for “getting weird” in this episode about music. The focus of most internet home recording sites is overwhelmingly on technique, and it’s logical and it’s great, but in the end what matters the most is if you’re actually creating some human emotion and connection. I think I read somewhere that many of the Motown hits were recorded in a room with concrete walls and a single microphone in the center; and yet the songs are so powerful that you cannot listen to them without moving your feet…

    I found funny how in the podcast you even connect music to the primitive times, as it’s something that I’ve given some thought to too; in fact that coincidence is what encouraged me to break my anonymity and answer your call for similar experiences.

    Dwelling on that image a bit more, I imagine our great-great-great-great-great…grandparents arriving to the cave by night, in an age where average life expectancy would be 30 or 40 years at most. Exhausted, maybe they’ve failed to find something to eat after a whole day out and about. Cold and scared. Maybe they were 8 in the morning and only 7 have come back. But then one of them with a knack for rhythm starts dancing and singing, inviting others, and it’s like saying, hey we’re humans, we’re in this together, and nobody understands why but suddenly the mood changes, and there’s hope again…

    With all the power that words have as a communication tool, I think music surpasses them by far. My hypothesis is that such power has to do with its intimate connection with life, and its rhythms: four seasons, days followed by nights, the tides coming then going… Or even within ourselves, the binary inhale-exhale, the heartbeats, the three ages… even the pulsation of the cells we are made of, for sure, obeys to certain rhythmical patterns… So music is something that literally goes under your skin…

    I’m a musician by vocation and a producer-engineer only because I have to (self taught thanks to great resources like yours), so it’s no wonder that I speak of music in these terms, but it’s been a nice surprise finding that kind of perspective from someone that you would expect more on the technical side. Kudos for taking the risk, and for reminding us all to keep the end in sight. Thank you and best of luck in all your projects. 🙂

    • Kern says:

      Amazing comment. Thank you so much for your thoughts and kind words. I felt like I was taking a chance with that episode. I could not have said this better. Let me add that: Rhythm is the universe. Rhythm rules everything, and everything obeys it. We can only try to recognize it. Music is the only way that we have found for speaking the language of the universe.

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