Episode 88, Winner 3 and a creepy true story…

“Breaking into live sound production” is now complete and ready for your purchase and instant consumption! I am so proud of how it came out, and I am excited for all of you to check it out. My aim was to simply remove the painful embarrassment, sleepless anxiety filled nights, and all around stress that comes with live sound production. Please use the links provided for you or simply click on the product box below to learn more about “Breaking into live sound production”.


Congratulations Kenneth Mort and Julia Breeze for their genius and their hard work on the catchy and elegant song titled “We can do anything“. It is a job well done and proof that only two tracks is sometimes just enough. I love this song and I couldn’t think of a better song to close out yet another successful year of the Home Recording Weekly Songwriting Contest.

Todays shout out is for a fellow live sound nut and a live sound tech guru, “Big Nate”. I have been watching and listening to Big Nate for a while now and he has a lot of interesting and a lot of valuable information to give to you. Please “Subscribe” to all three channels as I know you are going to love him!


Here are links to his YouTube channels and to his podcast…

Big Nate 84

Live Sound 101 (YouTube Channel)

AV Shop Talk Podcast

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  1. BigNate84 says:

    Thanks so much for the shout-out Kern! Very much appreciated. I’m really starting to dig in to your podcast now. So cool to have listener submitted song competition. What a great way to hear what your listeners are creating and share their music with others.

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