Trigger Platinum 2.0 (review/demo) from Steven Slate Drums

I got out of my home recording studio and got into live sound about three or four years ago. I have worked steady and gotten to a point that one of the services I now offer is “live multi track recording”. I also do the mixing and mastering, which leads me to todays’ post review/demo. If you record, mix, or master music, you should read this short post and watch this short video.

I do more and more live recordings. What I mean by this is that I record bands as they play out live. In a perfect world we would spend time tuning the drums, set up our best recording microphones around the kit, and spend hours making sure the parts of the drum kit were mic’d up to perfection.

That just does not happen. Usually there isn’t enough time for all of that. Most often the drums come out of a case from deep within someone’s van, not touched since the last gig. Were lucky if we finish setting everything up before we launch into a sound check. Recording considerations, like mic placement, come last in these situations. After all, we have a gig to play. Lets instead make sure everything is working and it all sounds acceptable. Everything else comes after, if there is enough time.

This means instead of nice recording microphones, we set up the cheap dynamic mics that are used in live sound. We set the mic stands where we can, and that becomes the spot. If they are not perfect for recordings sake, too bad. Instead of moving the microphones around until they are best placed, we move on to bigger issues.

This makes giving the band a great sounding “live recording” difficult. The drums always sound as if they were recorded by an amateur. Are you finding this same exact issue? I have a solution, and it is called Trigger 2.0 Platinum, and it is from (genius) Steven Slate, of Steven Slate Drums.

The blazing speed and ease at which you can easily perfect any multi track recorded drum tracks is astounding. You can blend in up to eight samples per track, which is mind blowing. You can pan, gate, tune, and blend each sample to taste. If you are responsible for recording live drums, recording drums, mixing todays’ music, or in the live sound field at all, you must at some point get Trigger 2.0 Platinum, its just that obvious. I am as speechless about the end result as my clients are, and they think it took me hours and hours to get the drums to sound so amazing.


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