Episode 90, “Lies that cost you money”

In todays episode we talk about your electric instruments, expensive microphones, tube gear, power amps, speakers, and more. The more you understand about the world of clever marketing the more you can save.


Breaking into live sound production“, a live sound product that explains everything you will need to know in order to begin your live sound career, including how I use what I call “the 4 M’s” to help destroy feedback before it starts.


The “UPLIFT DESK” from The Human Solution. This is the standing workstation I rave about so much.


Rock Solid Guitar Stands” are furniture grade multi-guitar stands that help me be more productive.

2 Responses to “Episode 90, “Lies that cost you money””

  1. Jason Moss says:

    My favorite part of this — “The Beatles wish they had the instruments and technology that we have today.” You’re SO on point here. We need to keep this perspective in mind, always!

    Thanks for sharing, and for all the work you’re doing.


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