Episode 91, “Vintage versus brand new gear”

Vintage gear? Yep, I have some of that…

“PapaTom” over at “The Strat Connection” took my bridge and repaired it correctly and quickly. This guy knows “E series” MIJ Stratocasters like no one else on Earth. He did an amazing job! Please check out all of his informative videos and content if you haven’t done so already.


Next up, as I talk about in Episode 91, Bill Dewees, the voice over expert, has a lot to teach in the amazing “Voiceover Playbook“. Bill goes beyond the expected and explains how to stand out in a dense market, and how to find the work you are looking for. I actually found a paying audio job with ease, following only advice from Bill Dewees. The  “Voiceover Playbook” has paid for itself many times over.

Here is that link over to “The single best thing you must do in order to become great at mixing” post that I mention in Episode 91 of the podcast…

Mixing and mastering courses and training that I will always stand behind 100 percent…


Ultimate Mastering Formula” from Rob Williams was ground breaking for me and it really put the whole job of putting professional sounding music into an easy to understand, easy to achieve process.


Dueling Mixes” from both Graham Cochrane and Joe Gilder was the first time I was introduced to so many great mixing mindsets.


Mix Coach Pro Membership” from Kevin Wards, the Mix Coach himself, is powerful if you wish to be more than genre specific.


The Mix Academy” from pro mix engineer David Glenn is packed full of monthly tutorials and great songs to mix.


 “Mixing with Compression” from Matt Weiss, has absolutely paid for itself 100 times over!


Joe Gilder “Home Studio Corner VIP Membership” will give you a lifetimes worth of insight on creating great music from a home studio.

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