Episode 91, “Vintage versus brand new gear”

Vintage gear? Yep, I have some of that…

“PapaTom” over at “The Strat Connection” took my bridge and repaired it correctly and quickly. This guy knows “E series” MIJ Stratocasters like no one else on Earth. He did an amazing job! Please check out all of his informative videos and content if you haven’t done so already.


Next up, as I talk about in Episode 91, Bill Dewees, the voice over expert, has a lot to teach in the amazing “Voiceover Playbook“. Bill goes beyond the expected and explains how to stand out in a dense market, and how to find the work you are looking for. I actually found a paying audio job with ease, following only advice from Bill Dewees. The  “Voiceover Playbook” has paid for itself many times over.

Here is that link over to “The single best thing you must do in order to become great at mixing” post that I mention in Episode 91 of the podcast…

Mixing and mastering courses and training that I will always stand behind 100 percent…


Ultimate Mastering Formula” from Rob Williams was ground breaking for me and it really put the whole job of putting professional sounding music into an easy to understand, easy to achieve process.


Dueling Mixes” from both Graham Cochrane and Joe Gilder was the first time I was introduced to so many great mixing mindsets.


Mix Coach Pro Membership” from Kevin Wards, the Mix Coach himself, is powerful if you wish to be more than genre specific.


The Mix Academy” from pro mix engineer David Glenn is packed full of monthly tutorials and great songs to mix.


 “Mixing with Compression” from Matt Weiss, has absolutely paid for itself 100 times over!


Joe Gilder “Home Studio Corner VIP Membership” will give you a lifetimes worth of insight on creating great music from a home studio.

Episode 90, “Lies that cost you money”

In todays episode we talk about your electric instruments, expensive microphones, tube gear, power amps, speakers, and more. The more you understand about the world of clever marketing the more you can save.


Breaking into live sound production“, a live sound product that explains everything you will need to know in order to begin your live sound career, including how I use what I call “the 4 M’s” to help destroy feedback before it starts.


The “UPLIFT DESK” from The Human Solution. This is the standing workstation I rave about so much.


Rock Solid Guitar Stands” are furniture grade multi-guitar stands that help me be more productive.

Episode 89, Increasing home studio output in quantity and quality

Yep, its so true. We can put out more music, way better sounding music, and in less time. Check out how in today’s episode.

Also, in Episode 89, I mention the following…

Breaking into live sound production” This is the career starting kick in the pants that you have been looking for! You want in on the lucrative world of live sound, right? Here is the product you are searching for.


My own resource page with reviews posted.

 “UPLIFT DESK” from The Human Solution. Work longer and feel better with a standing desk!


PreSonus Faderport makes writing automation, mixing levels, and recording away from your desk a breeze.


Episode 88, Winner 3 and a creepy true story…

“Breaking into live sound production” is now complete and ready for your purchase and instant consumption! I am so proud of how it came out, and I am excited for all of you to check it out. My aim was to simply remove the painful embarrassment, sleepless anxiety filled nights, and all around stress that comes with live sound production. Please use the links provided for you or simply click on the product box below to learn more about “Breaking into live sound production”.


Congratulations Kenneth Mort and Julia Breeze for their genius and their hard work on the catchy and elegant song titled “We can do anything“. It is a job well done and proof that only two tracks is sometimes just enough. I love this song and I couldn’t think of a better song to close out yet another successful year of the Home Recording Weekly Songwriting Contest.

Todays shout out is for a fellow live sound nut and a live sound tech guru, “Big Nate”. I have been watching and listening to Big Nate for a while now and he has a lot of interesting and a lot of valuable information to give to you. Please “Subscribe” to all three channels as I know you are going to love him!


Here are links to his YouTube channels and to his podcast…

Big Nate 84

Live Sound 101 (YouTube Channel)

AV Shop Talk Podcast

Episode 86, “Lets get weird about audio”


Welcome back to another fun episode of the Home Recording Weekly Podcast. Today I talk at length about a phenomenon that has continued to completely overcome my senses as I work in live sound.

Mentioned in todays episode:

 “Working class audio podcast” from Matt Boudreau

Recoding Studio Rockstars podcast” from Lij Shaw

The UPLIFT DESK from “The Human Solution“.

This is what my actual UPLIFT DESK looks like…


Thanks for listening to Home Recording Weekly.

Stay tuned to see who winner number three of the 2016 Home Recording Weekly songwriting contest will be…

Kern Ramsdell

Episode 85, “Winner number two of the songwriting contest”, plus a gear and techniques chat”



Howdy, y’all. I was just blown away with Jose Neto and his great song, “Gotta place”. It seems as if everything has a nice place to live and there is a lot of separation. Great song and a job well done sir!


Please use this link to jump over to Episode 81 where you can hear and read about all of the great prizes that are heading to Jose.

Amazing Products mentioned in todays episode:

UPLIFTDESK” from The Human Solution

 UPLift desk3

Programing drums“, from Joe Gilder

ReThink Mixing“, from Graham Cochrane

Mixing with compression“, from Matt Weiss

Ultimate mastering formula“, from Rob Williams

Dueling Mixes“, from Joe Gilder and Graham Cochrane

Pop Production“, from Kris Crunk