Check out these demo videos and reviews! Some links will take you to the old website, so please be ready for that jump.

Training videos I highly recommend:


Ultimate Mixing Formula” Awesome “over the shoulder” style training from Mixing engineer Rob Williams. Learn what mixing really is, how the pros tackle mixing, and so much more.


VIP Membership” from home recording and mixing engineer Joe Gilder, of Home Studio Corner, is the place to learn about proper home recording techniques. From microphone techniques to how to mix a song, it is all in here.



Mixing with EQ” from Matt Weiss and The Pro Audio Files, is a very in depth study of the EQ and how Matt Weiss applies EQ in his mixes…



Understanding Compression Joe Gilder ……. Best Seller alert!!! Click on the link or the image to check out my full review.


“Understanding EQ” video, from Home Studio Corner …….. Best Seller alert!!! Joe Gilder teaches you all about EQ, how to use it for success, and how to mix with EQ. Follow the link for the full review.

Dueling Mixes month one, Joe Gilder and Graham Cochrane Look, if you want to improve your mixing skills, this is the place to do it. Each month you get two mix videos, multi track session files, and so much more. Being part of this community is where the pro level mixing skills get better, rapidly!

Dueling Mixes month two, Joe Gilder and Graham Cochrane DuelingMixes_Logo_550x205

VoiceOver Playbook“, voiceover expert Bill Dewees. If you are interested in learning how to make a killer income, easily, from your home recording studio, using the gear you already own, this video series is for you. There is a tip in here that is responsible for several of my ongoing paying gigs. Bill Dewees is the man! Learn how Bill makes six figures a year from his home studio in the basement…



Mixthru“, from mixing engineer Matt Weiss, mixing courses featuring many different genres of music. No matter the genre your currently mixing, Matt has what you are looking for…


Mixing Drums” from David Glen Recording, a simple yet incredible course in what it takes to get the important foundation that is drums right…..

mixdrums3EQ Strategies from Bjorgvin Benediktsson of Audio Issues, a complete guide to applying EQ. First a total breakdown of the parts that make up todays EQ’s, then a complete mix tutorial. Track after track Bjorgvin explains how to think about applying EQ in order to improve your recordings and mixes….



Home Mastering EQ” from mastering engineer Ian Shepherd, an easy approach to fully understanding the role EQ plays when mastering your music.


Groove 3 Mastering with IK T-Racks 3 G3Trx

Groove 3 Mixing Rock mixrock

Guide to rock mixing“, from Kevin Ward, the Mix Coach GuideadUltimate Mastering Formula“, from Rob Williams and Pro Sound Formula…



Mastering now, Mastering training videos from Music-Courses online.


Mixing with compression“, from the out of this world mixing engineer, Matt Weiss, and The Pro Audio Files.


Mixing Acoustic Pop“, from David Glenn Recording MAPadd

Mixing EDM“, (electronic dance  music), from Matt Weiss edm-boxMixing Made Easy“, from David Vignola MMERAMixing Rap Vocals“, from Matt Weiss and The Pro Audio Files Rapvoc1

Mixing Rap Vocals part 2“, from Matt Weiss and The Pro Audio Files


Mixing Vocals” from David Glenn and The Pro Audio Files

DGRMVa Mix Coach Pro membership, learning how to mix with the session files Mixcoachbig “Pop Production” video series from Kris Krunk and Kevin Ward, “The Mix Coach” Popad

Recording Electric Guitars“, Joe Gilder, Home Studio Corner

Rethink Mixing Graham Cochrane, Recording Revolution Rethink

Mixing 101” is your course on mixing, from perhaps your humble beginnings. Matt explains the techniques he himself employs in order to hand in such pro level and amazing mixes.


The Art of Balancing a Mix“, training video from Matt Butler MattButler1The Mix Academy“, from David Glenn Recording TheMixAcademyThe Jumpstart series, the complete series” training videos from The Recording Revolution!


Mixing Hip Hop“, from Matt Weiss


“Understanding EQ” video, from Home Studio Corner

Understanding Compression Joe Gilder

Plugins galore:

Bias SoundSoap2

CSR Reverb units from IK Multimedia

Dusty Nine Fitty, for Reason/Record

EchoFlex” delay unit from IK Multimedia

EQ 73 and EQ 81 from IK Multimedia

Melodyne Editor

SFX Machine Pro

Sigmund delay unit” from the D16 Group

Softube TSAR Reverb unit from Softube

Slate Digital VBC (Virtual Buss Compressors)

Steven Slate VMR, (virtual mix rack)

Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection and Virtual Tape Machine plugins review, (VCC)

Transient Shaper from Softube

T-Racks 3 Deluxe, mixing and mastering suite from IK Multimedia

Toontrack EZkeys: “Mellotoon”, “Vintage Upright”, “Classic Electrics”, “Grand Piano” and more

U73b” Compressor/Limiter from Audified

Guitar/bass gear:

Amplitube 3, guitar software from IK Multimedia

Amplitube Fender, guitar software from IK Multimedia

Amplitube Metal, guitar software from IK Multimedia

Billy Penn Guitar set up guide Ebook, every guitar player needs one of these

BlueBird Fuzz Pedal from Henretta Engineering pedal from Henretta Engineering

Choad Blaster” fuzz pedal from Henretta Engineering

EchoFlex” delay unit from IK Multimedia

Extortion pedal from ZT Amps!, crazy cool pedal

Green Zapper Auto Filter Pedal from Henretta Engineering

HoleyBoard effect pedal boards from Chemistry Design Werks

JamUp Plug Positive Grid

Luther Drive Pedal from GearManDude

Melo-Verb Pedal, reverb and tremolo guitar pedal from VHT Amps

OD-308” Overdrive pedal DIY kit from Monte Allums

Lightning Boy Audio “Op-2 Comp” pedal, a tube based compression pedal designed from the LA-2A compressor

Rock Solid guitar stands, furniture grade guitar/bass stands

SKB PS-45 Pedal Board

Stealth Pedal, a  guitar/bass pedal that works with Amplitube software from IK Multimedia

The Pick Punch, Never run out of guitar picks again! VHT Special 6 Ultra combo amp for guitars ZT Lunchboxamp, loudest and smallest amp ever made!

Pro Audio Gear:

Bobby Owsinski, Review of the book, titled, “Mixing and mastering with T-Racks” from IK Multimedia

Cerwin Vega CVM 1022 Professional Audio Mixer

Figure by Propellerhead

FiRe Studio and FiRe2 from Audiofile Engineering

 Gator Cases, G-Mix 12 PU, case for rack mounted mixers and gear Gator “GU-ZoomH4N-WP” water proof case for Zoom recorders

How “Gator rolling racks” saved the gig!

IKlip IK Multimedia

Irig Mic Cast from IK Multimedia

KRK KNS 8400, pro mixing mastering headphones KRK Rockit 8 G2, 8 inch studio monitors KRK VXT 4W Demo, pro level 4 inch studio monitors

MobilKeys49 from Line6, keys anywhere

Power tools for ProTools 8

Quiztones ear training

UPLIFT Desk Dual Monitor Arm” from THE HUMAN SOLUTION


Virtual Instruments and loops/samples:

Beat Station Toontrack

BIAS FX Desktop” demo with guitar and bass

Blackbird studio expansion pack” from Steven Slate Drums

Bobby Jarzombek metal grooves

Cerberus Bass Amplifikation” from KAUSSA

Charlie Hunter guitar and bass loops from The LoopLoft

Chuck Ainlay EZ Mix

Evil Drums

EZ Drummer Toontrack

EZ Keys Classic Electrics refill pack

EZ Mix Toontrack

EZKeys grand piano

Figure by Propellerhead

Loopmasters refills

The Looploft, “Charlie Hunter sample pack“, AWESOME loop and sample packs

Maio Drums“, Drum samples from Matt Weiss

Pop Rock EZ Keys midi pack from Toontrack

Reason 4 Reason Disco School

Record 1.5 Propellerhead

Record DrumTakes

Rock songs midi pack

Steven Slate Drums SSD4 Platinum edition

Steve Ferrone midi pack

Superior Drummer 2.0 Toontrack

The LoopLoft, Charlie Hunter guitar and bass loops

Toontrack Electronic

Toontrack Songwriters drum pack 3